Digital thinking and ecosystem

The Futurist

When they describe the possible future with existing and emerging technologies they inspire the builders, confirm directions for the knowledge feeders, open up options for the money feeders. Being right or wrong is not relevant,  the ideation power of the futurists pushes the boundaries of the digital ecosystem. They do not advocate a political agenda. Based on a mix of observation, hands-on experience they scout the emerging technologies and anticipate how they could contribute to major disruption.

The futurists fall into various categories : some focus on a specific technology like blockchain and vision the various impacts of this technology, others focus on a vertical, an industry and browse all technologies disrupting this vertical. A futurist becomes a well known reference for a media like radio, payment in FinTech or cancer treatment in healthcare. They imagine the future and enable professionals absorbed by the day to day to envisage possible directions without having to perform large amount of research.

Futurists differ from activists as their approach highlights facts, observation before opinion and personal positions.



Veronique BoudaudComment