Digital thinking and ecosystem

The activist

The digital ecosystem through collaborative tools, social media provides new ways of communicating, creating and exchanging value.  Hence humans bearing strong convictions on how  society should function, leverage all the capabilities of the ecosystem to make their voice heard and rally followers. Activits can combine a core builder tribe depending on their geographical and cultural environment. For example start-ups in the social economy thrive in Scandinavia, Germany and France. In India affordable health and education have inspired several start-ups (Chimple Learning, Doctor Insta, Call Health).

FoodTech and AgriTech also host  activists due to the huge impact of food on humanity and key lifestyle choices. The number of blogs on permaculture, vertical farming reflect the implication and influence of the activists.

I personally qualify the influencer as a soft activist . Influencers do not adopt a philosophy or an ideology but they share their findings, their passion, knowledge on product and services.
The crowd of bloggers, Youtubers, instagrammers, snapchatters  form the pack of the influencers. Their influence can be free but will also be paid either by direct subscriptions, by enterprises interested to attract new followers  on their own corporate websites. It bears such a commercial weight that large enterprises enroll influencers to produce advertisement, share their recipes using the company brand etc... Contrarily to activists influencers often happily monetize their influence. Activists are rewarded by the number of converts they make and the battles they win.


Veronique BoudaudComment