Digital thinking and ecosystem

The tribes of the ecosystem


Is the digital ecosystem different from any other ecosystem ? How ?

The concept of ecosystem is not new. The British botanist Roy Clapham coined the word in 1930, the ecologist Arthur Tansley further defined it in 1935 explaining the inter-relations of the natural elements. At its origin the concept of ecosystem also kicked-off the new science of ecology.
Complex living environments have been since been compared to the ecosystem of nature  and being labelled ecosystem. Today it generally describes complex elements interconnected with each others that make the environment they belong to whole.

Why is the digital ecosystem unique ?

Like in the traditional economy we are familiar with the digital ecosystem is based on a value creation and a value exchange. Each interaction, each transformation enriches the overall ecosystem.

The digital ecosystem operates with a unique set of rules and values to prosper. In the different worldwide ecosystems during my worldwide digital tour, I have explored so far some set of values that seem to me universal. Yet depending on the history, culture and current economic context of a region I found variances in what motivated and regrouped the various tribes of the ecosystem. In my ebook I will describe all these aspects in details among other chapters. I wanted to give you a preview of the digital tribes in a fun and entertaining way thanks to a young Belgian illustrator Marly.

Humans are at the heart of the digital ecosystem, they make it thrive, grow or die. We all fullfil different roles that can be multiple. We switch from one to another depending on the circumstances. Like we dress up or down for exercising in the morning and attending an afterwork. However we often belong to a primary tribe. Based on my observations during my wwdigitour I have named the main tribes of the digital ecosystem

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