Digital thinking and ecosystem

When Agriculture meets Tech

Digitization of agriculture and food transformation is key to mankind. During the web summit in Lisbon I discovered a few start-up gems. In the agritech start-ups combine several breakthrough technologies that give poweverful results. Find below some compelling examples.


Kupaholding combines a breakthrough e-commerce platform with an innovative liquid yeast that L.YFE that drastically extends shelf life. This combination will compress the production costs of mid-size craft brewery and give them access to a quality product. In addition the trade will take place on an platform facilitating the import/export of the product. Krupa designs a transformed value chain from product to end usage. You can find more on http://krupaholding.com/. 

Of course it is not only about the technology. The founders, Ines and Matthias, a brazilian-german couples, respectively CEO and CMO,  and Carlos, a seasoned Brazilian CFO are amazing personalities. They have built partnership with the University of Sao Paolo and tackle the booming Brazilian craft brewery market.


Black block is a lego-like dryer that uses analytics to find the perfect drying point. It can turn into the ideal storage facility as well. Using solar energy enables the installation of the dryer directly next to the crop cutting costs on handling and transport.

Have a look http://blackblock.eu/en/homepage-en/